Thing 13

I chose to attend Jason Neiffer’s conference Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy.

He, like myself, is wary of his classroom handouts, although valuable extensions to an out-of-date-upon-being-printed textbook, becoming a :tree eating machine”.

By keeping everything online, or at least linked/embedded from his Moodle page, he is slowly creating an up-to-date online textbook.  In my opinion, the greatest trick he’s pulled isn’t getting his class to be paperless, it’s having full-time access to a computer lab with a computer for each student so that an online/paperless classroom is viable in the first place.  Hmm, is that me making excuses or is that a legitimate point?  I’m happy to put everything online for students to access.  Basically I already do.  It’s just that it’s hard to do online explorations in class when not everyone has a computer, ya know?

Quizlet is embeddable?  Sweet!  That’s going to definitely have an increased presence in my class next year, as will Google docs.  I’m hoping that I can have students “turn in” their papers, or at least their drafts via online submission by sending me a link to an uploaded Google doc.  If that goes well, then it should help out with the paper management of the science fair project in the spring.   Also, as I move my class webpage from the pbworks site over to wikispaces, I’ll probably keep all the documents available via Google docs instead of re-uploading them to the wikispaces account.  Lately I’ve been using Google docs to manage the summer sign-ups for the weight room.  It’s been much more convenient and better used than the old sheet taped to the door system.

I’m glad he acknowledges that student access to computers at home and also in the classroom is essential.

I’m also glad he suggests “not implementing everything at once”  instead “slowly add functionality”.

This was a nice and enjoyable experience.  I’ll definitely be revisiting this site to attend more conferences!

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  1. Isn’t Google Docs the best? You could possibly create a form that dumps directly into a spreadsheet. May be easier. Play with it and see. Push technology to create an educational site with Google. Could be an up hill battle, but one well worth it.

    Slowly and functionally is something to always keep in mind. We get so excited about what we learn that we want to do everything. Not a good plan! Slow and steady and you will be successful.

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